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Zero Radius Sink - Stainless Steel

With commercial influences, the zero radius sink is quickly becoming one of the most popular residential undermount kitchen sink styles.  It’s been a long time staple of any hardworking commercial kitchen and is unmistakable in appearance with its flat bottom and tight ninety degree corners. Restaurants love them for the additional internal space they provide and their flat bottom which allows stem ware to sit upright within the bottom of the sink. Check out any kitchen design book or website and you are sure to see several zero radius stainless steel sinks featured on the pages within.

Zero radius sinks are made with stainless steel and are available in a variety of sizes and come as either undermount sinks or apron sinks.  Undermount kitchen sinks conveniently fit directly under any solid surface, cement or stone top.  They are low profile and allow for countertop spills or debris to be wiped directly into the sink. Apron front sinks, also referred to as farmhouse sinks, farm kitchen sinks, and farm house sinks, are characterized by a large panel directly under the front edge of the sink.  The sink’s apron front helps to protect against spills and wearing from everyday use. Other styles that are available: undermount bar sinks, laundry sinks and food prep sinks.  With so many sizes and options, you are sure to find a zero radius sink that suits your style.

It is important, when choosing a zero radius stainless sink, to choose one made from a heavier gauge of stainless steel.  Part of what makes a standard undermount kitchen sink rigid and strong are the radius bends on the sides and at the bottom.  Since zero radius stainless sinks use flat material on the sides, and don’t have the benefit of the radius bends to stiffen them, they should be manufactured using a minimum of 18 gauge stainless steel.  Better sinks will use 16 or 15 gauge material (remember the lower the number the thicker and stiffer the steel).

So if you are in the market for a zero radius stainless steel sink then take some time to explore the different options that we offer and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email or call us directly.

For additional information on how to install zero radius stainless sinks follow this link to Youtube: Install undermount sink video