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Product Description:

A fantastic opportunity to own your own apron front farmhouse sink at a fraction of the retail price. This 15 gauge apron front sink is perfect for residential kitchens. This sink has full apron front with welded bottom edge for the critically important strength and stability factor of the apron. Our sinks also have full apron sides with full bottom edges. (Watch out for apron sinks with no front bottom edge or partial sides as this compromises the apron front and the adjoining sides. If the strength or stability is compromised, the front apron will not stand up to daily use and will dent.) Stainless-Sink.com does NOT sell any apron sinks without full bottom edge or full sides.

Product Details:
Model: NZR-3320FF
Material: Stainless Steel
Gauge: 15 Gauge
Rim Finish: Brushed - fine grain
Bowl Finish: Brushed- fine grain
Chrome Nickel Content: 18/10
Drain Hole: US and CA standard 3 ½
Cabinet: Minimum 33"
Length: 20
Width: 33
Depth: 10
Undercoating: Fully undercoated with anti-vibration pads to reduce noise and unwanted condensation
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Basins: Double
Mounting Type: Apron/Farm Sink
Line: Near Zero Radius
Left Bowl: 17" x 18" x 10"
Right Bowl: 13" x 18" x 10"
Bottom Apron Edge: Full bottom edge - welded
Apron Sides: Full
Material Detail: 304 Stainless Steel
Alt Model Number: NZR 3320FF, NZR3320FF
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33" Near Zero Radius Flat Front Stainless Steel Double Bowl Apron Kitchen Sink 15 Gauge NZR-3320FF

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