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Farm Sink

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The most notable feature of any farm sink is its apron front. It’s original design was intended to protect the front of the cabinetry by including a large front piece to protect against spills and abrasion from everyday use. Kitchen farm sinks have been around for many decades and are now quickly making their way back into modern kitchen designs and layouts.

Farm Sink Materials

Farm style sinks are available in a variety of different materials, stainless steel being the most popular and for good reason. Stainless steel holds up to everyday use, it will not rust, stain, or chip. Stainless steel farm kitchen sinks are solid stainless steel all the way through making it easy to rub out unwanted scratches. For further protection, many manufactures now offer stainless steel grids to fit the bottom of the farm sink. Grids do more than protect, they offer a flat surface for stemware to sit upright and keep the sink drain clear for proper drainage when dishes are piled up within the sink.

A new farm sink offers an antique farm sink look with a modern twist. New updated versions of an era gone by, offer many different shapes and sizes. Available in both single and double bowl configurations, an apron farm sink is suitable for any kitchen design requirements.

Farm Sink Installation

Farm sinks may be mounted in three different ways. The first way is to undermount the apron farm sink with the kitchen countertop lying on top of the sink. The second farm sink installation option is to flush mount the sink, where the top of the countertop is flush with the top of the farmer sink. And the third way to install apron farm sinks is to raise the top of the sink slightly above the countertop surface.

With some many benefits and options a farm sink is definitely something to consider for your next kitchen project. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give one of our sink specialists a call.