How to Install an Undermount Sink

Please read all of the instructions thoroughly before you begin.

  1. If a template is provided make sure that you check the template against the sink for a proper fit.  Set the template on the countertop making sure that it is far enough forward that you will be able to fit the faucet and backsplash material behind it. Trace around the template marking the cutout for the sink.  If a template isn’t available turn the sink upside down and use it as a template.  Do not use this line as a cut out mark.  Instead measure in from the rim of the undermount sink to where you want the edge of the sink opening to start.  Determine whether you want the countertop to overhang the side of the sink bowl like pictured or if you want the countertop to be cut back a small amount so that you see some of the rim of the sink.  Using that measurement draw a new line inside your first line.  The new line will become your cutout line.  Cut out your sink hole now.
  2. After cutting out the sink hole position the sink on the underside of the countertop in its desired position.  Mark the location of all of the anchors.  We suggest at least six clips for smaller sinks and at least eight clips for larger sinks (more may be necessary for oversized or heavy sinks).  Drill a hole at each location to accept the female inserts and clean the holes of all dust and debris. Using a two part epoxy (not included) glue the inserts into the holes.  Allow epoxy to cure according to the manufacturer's directions.
  3. Apply clear silicone sealer (not included) to the top side of the undermount stainless sink and press the sink rim to the underside of the countertop. Use the provided clips and screws to secure the sink in place.  Wipe away excess caulk and allow sealant to fully cure before loading the sink.
This is only a suggested method of installation and it is highly suggested that your new undermount sink be installed by a qualified and experienced professional!    Please follow all local building codes, plumbing codes and OSHA safety codes.  We are not responsible for countertops or sinks that are improperly cut or installed.  Use the above guidelines at your own risk.
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