How To Install An Apron Farm Sink

A How To Guide for Installing a Stainless Steel Farm Apron Sink 

Please read all of the instructions thoroughly before you begin.

  1. Determine your front cut out for your farm sink base.  If the sink does not come with a template and has a flat apron front, then lay the sink on some cardboard and trace out a template.  Otherwise, you will need to measure the apron sink and mark the sink base using the measurements. If your sink width is equal to the width of the sink base, it may be as simple as measuring down the appropriate amount and cutting the top, back and sides completely away from the sink base.  Your apron front stainless steel farm sink may be undermounted, flush mounted, or raised slightly above the countertop.  Whichever method you choose will determine the height of your cutout for the front of the sink base.
  2. You will need to support the bottom of your new apron front sink Install horizontal bracing from front to back along the inside sides of the cabinet with ½” plywood on top of the bracing to create a platform for the sink to rest on.  Position the bracing so that after the plywood is installed your sink will sit at the desired height.  Size the plywood so that it stops short of reaching the back side of the cabinet and will clear the plumbing when installed.  Cut out holes where necessary in the plywood for the drain lines to hook up to the bottom side of the sink.  Slip the sink into place and then install the countertops.  Use silicone sealant to seal everywhere that the farm apron sink meets the countertop.  The silicone sealant used to seal the sink will hold the sink in place.


Note:  Some sink manufactures automatically ship sink clips with their stainless steel farm apron sink.  These clips are not necessary for installation.

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